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Prize Fund

Awarded to the top 16


A chance to be on the TV

Global Recognition

ALL Tasks

For boosting Excel skills

By signing up, you receive ALL 12 Excel game tasks from the competition
(worth 120$ on our store later)

A Chance to Prove Your Excel Mastery
…Or Just Learn Some More Excel

You will be given instructions, rules for the game and questions to answer at an increasing level of difficulty. Each game – 30 minutes. Use IFS, XLOOKUP, SUM, VBA, Power Query: anything is allowed, and the strategy is up to you. The right answers move you up the brackets!

How Do I Know It's Any Good?

What Will I Be Solving?

The game tasks will be testing your Excel and logical thinking skills. No previous knowledge in finance, engineering, data analytics or any other industry is necessary.

When? How?

Timeline of Events

Deadline: October 6
You'll find most of our case studies for $10 on our shop. The entry ticket to the event is only $50 and you get to train your Excel skills by receiving access to ALL game tasks, a chance to get a $10,000 prize fund, global recognition and loads of fun.

You do the math 😉
Deadline: October 6
October 8
Qualification Round
128 players to advance further will be selected during this round.

You can use any materials you wish, but remember you will have limited time to solve the tasks. Keep an eye on your watch!

No livestream in the qualification round.
October 8
October 13
Results Announced
Who made it to the live stages? We'll announce:
- The top 128 competing in the next stages
- Brackets (who will you be playing against?)
- Livestreamed players (who will be in the spotlight?)
- Format details
October 13
October 29
Last 128 and Last 64
You will be solving 1 or 2 Excel game tasks and submitting your answers in 30 minutes.

Organized in 2 sessions to accomodate for different time zones. One session with 8 players in total is live streamed.
October 29
November 3
Last 32 and Last 16
The 8 finalists are selected during these rounds. You'll have to solve 1 or 2 Excel game tasks and submit in 30 minutes.

Again - 2 sessions to accomodate for different time zones. One session with 8 players in total is live streamed.
November 3
November 12
The Final Round
THE Grand Finale. 1 session. 8 players. Livestreamed.
P.S. Last year's event was viewed by 500K + people.
November 12

Can I See The Competition Rules?

Microsoft Excel World Championship


(hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”)

These Rules are effective from August 1, 2022.

Please read these Competition Rules carefully. You should review all our legal documents before participating in any Competition. If you do not accept these Rules or any of our legal documents, do not use the Website or participate in any Competition.

  1. The Event
    • Microsoft Excel World Championship is an online esports tournament that is based in Microsoft Excel. The tournament has a Qualification Round followed by Playoff Rounds, starting from the Last 128 Round.
  2. The Participants
    • Microsoft Excel World Championship is open to any participant regardless of age, gender, race, place of living or any other limiting factor.
  3. Microsoft Excel World Championship: Tasks
    • Each round of the Competition will provide one Task consisting of a range of problem-solving questions solvable with Microsoft Excel.
      • Each Task will include several Questions that the Participants will have to provide answers for.
      • The complexity of the Questions will vary, with more complex questions awarding more points if answered correctly.
      • All the Questions will be formulated in such a way to provide fully automated objective grading.
      • It is expected that the Question format will be “Number type-in”. The organizers reserve an option to use other Question formats if deemed necessary.
      • No answers will be in the form of an essay.
    • The Tasks will be varied in topics; however, all the Tasks will be solvable by a general MS Excel user. Solving the Tasks will require knowledge of Excel functions, data management skills and logical thinking. The Tasks will be testing participants’ abilities to use MS Excel techniques to solve out-of-the-box problems. The Tasks will not require specific knowledge of finance, engineering, statistics or other scientific disciplines.
    • The Tasks will be structured in such a way that the users of older versions of MS Excel (2010 and up) should be able to complete them.
    • In order to correctly solve the Tasks, Participants will need to answer the Questions, produce and submit their files.
      • Participants may be provided a basis for the Excel model, or the models will be required to be produced from scratch.
    • Model formatting and style will not be judged.
    • Sample Tasks and previous years’ Tasks are available on the FMWC website.
  4. Qualification Round Format
    • While the tournament starts with the Round of Last 128, it is expected that there will be more participants registered for Microsoft Excel World Championship.
    • The 128 participants who will take part in the Play-Off Rounds of the tournament will be selected based on the following criteria:
      • 4 places to the winners of FMWC Battles (Regional Battles and Women’s Battle).
      • 16 places to the highest-ranked participants of the Financial Modeling World Cup based on the overall rankings after the September stage (excluding 2 (two) worst stage results for each participant).
      • 4 places to the highest-ranked FMWC participants in the U-25 age group based on the overall rankings after the September stage (excluding 2 (two) worst stage results for each participant).
      • 100 places – to the winners of the Qualification Round (see details below).
      • 4 wildcards, awarded by the Organizers of the Microsoft Excel World Championship.
    • In any case, the players willing to participate in Microsoft Excel World Championship, need to register for the tournament (buy the ticket).
    • In order to provide fair grounds for selecting the participants to take part in the Playoff Rounds of the tournament, besides the current FMWC ranking leaders, regional qualification rounds will be arranged on Saturday, October 8, 2022.
    • The Qualification Round will be organized in 5 different regions:
      • Africa,
      • Asia/Pacific (including Australia),
      • Europe,
      • North America (USA & Canada),
      • South/Latin America.
    • The number of participants qualifying from each continent will be proportional to the number of total participants from the region (i.e., if one region has 960 applicants and all other regions have only 10 applicants each, then there will be 96 participants qualifying from the first region and 1 participant – from each of the other regions).
    • The Qualification Rounds will start at the following times:
      • Asia/Pacific – Saturday, October 8, 2022, 8:00 AM UTC+0.
      • All other regions – Saturday, October 8, 2022, 5:00 PM UTC+0.
    • The Qualification Round will not be broadcasted.
  5. Playoff Round Format
    • The Playoff Round starts with the Last 128 stage. 128 top Excel users, selected through a Qualification Round (see below) or through FMWC regular season standings will be eligible to take part.
      • The match winners of each round will proceed to the next round. The losers of each round will finish their participation in the event.
    • All Playoff rounds will be broadcasted at least on the FMWC YouTube channel. Arrangements with other broadcasters will be announced as they get signed on the FMWC homepage or FMWC social media channels.
    • Round hosts will be focusing on several pre-selected matches. Microsoft Excel World Championship organizers will select a maximum of 8 participants for each round for the broadcast. These players will be required to log in for a video call and to solve the Tasks during the stream. Other players will be required to log in to the Examination Platform (see below). If a player is chosen to take part in the stream but refuses to do so, such a player will be disqualified from further rounds of the competition.
    • The Playoff Rounds will take place according to the following schedule:
      • Last 128 and Last 64: Saturday, October 29, 2022 – 2 sessions (1 broadcasted)
      • Last 32 and Last 16: Thursday, November 3, 2022 – 2 sessions (1 broadcasted)
      • The Final Round (Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and the Final game): Saturday, November 12, 2022 – 1 session (1 broadcasted).
    • In order to allow time zone flexibility for the participants, the first rounds up until and including the Round of Last 16 (i.e., Last 128, Last 64, Last 32 and Last 16) will have 2 (two) sessions. Depending on the location of the participants, each game will be assigned by the organizers to one of the sessions that provides the most convenient time for both players in the game.
      • When there are 2 (two) sessions in a round, these will take place on 08:00 AM London time (UTC+0) and on 05:00 PM London time (UTC+0).
      • The Final Round will have only 1 session and will take place on Saturday, November 12, 2022, 5:00 PM London time (UTC+0).
    • The session’s Timeframe begins exactly at the time mentioned above. The Participant is invited to log in to the Competition on the examination Website in advance.
    • The Timeframe takes into account:
      • Downloading all relevant Tasks,
      • Reading and analyzing the Tasks,
      • Creation of models,
      • Completing the relevant answers for Tasks,
      • Submitting the answers,
      • Uploading the model.
  6. Points System
    • The total number of points available for correctly solving all the Tasks at each round – 1,000 points per round (also for the Qualifying Round). Additional extra point bonuses could be introduced by the organizers with the goal to give extra interest to the competition (e.g., extra 100 points for answering an additional extra-hard question).
    • After the stage is over, the participants will have to upload their models. If this is not done upon completion of the participant’s work, the participant’s results might be annulled.
  7. Case Design Team (CDT)
    • The Case Design Team is responsible for the Task creation for Microsoft Excel World Championship and consists of the leading FMWC participants or FMWC Organizing Committee.
    • The Case Design Team members will be able to take part in the competition (except for the Organizing Committee members). A Task created by a member of CDT will be used in sessions where the particular member is not playing.
  8. Microsoft Excel World Championship Dates
    • The Microsoft Excel World Championship 2022 will take place on the following dates:
      • Qualification Round: Saturday, October 8, 2022
      • Last 128 Round: Saturday, October 29, 2022
      • Last 64 Round: Saturday, October 29, 2022
      • Last 32 Round: Thursday, November 3, 2022
      • Last 16 Round: Thursday, November 3, 2022
      • The Final Round (QF, SF and the Finals): Saturday, November 12, 2022
    • Microsoft Excel World Championship organizers reserve the right to change the dates of Rounds at their sole discretion (to accommodate for international holidays, etc.)
      • If a date of a Round changes, a notice shall be provided on the FMWC Website or FMWC social media channels.
  9. World Rankings
    • Microsoft Excel World Championship is a standalone competition that will not impact the Financial Modeling World Cup World Rankings or Ratings.
  10. Tie-Breakers
    • In the event of 2 (two) or more Participants have an equal number of points in the Rankings, in determining the higher-ranked Participant, the following is taken into consideration:
      • More Time Saved: The Participant with the lowest amount of Time spent on solving the Tasks wins. In case the participants are still tied, then
      • Best Current Form: The Participant with the highest score in the most recent Round of the competition.
        • If the most recent Round results are identical, then the Participant with the best result in the second-to-the-last round will be taken into consideration.
          • If the results are still identical, then the previous Round results shall be evaluated in a similar fashion going backward. In case the participants are still tied, then
      • Earlier Bird: The Participant who purchased the Microsoft Excel World Championship ticket earlier will promote.
  11. Participation Fee
      • The Participation Fee (hereinafter – Fee) for the whole event should be paid upon registration. The Fee covers participation in all the rounds of the Microsoft Excel World Championship as far as the Participant qualifies as well as provides access to the game task files for all Microsoft Excel World Championship stages. The Fee will increase towards the beginning of the competition. The exact price schedule is as follows:
        Registration DateAmount (In United States Dollars, USD)
        Early Bird Fee (up to August 12, 2022)$25.-
        Discount Fee (up to September 1, 2022)$35.-
        Regular Fee (up to October 7, 2022)$50.-
      • The registration closes 1 day before the start of the Qualification Round – on Friday, October 7, 2022, at 8:00 AM UTC+0.
      • The organizers reserve the right to change the Fee anytime at the organizer’s sole discretion.
      • The organizers reserve the right to decline all, or part of any Participation in any Competition entry requested.
      • The Fee is not returned if participants did not actually take part at Microsoft Excel World Championship.
  12. Prize Money
      • The total prize fund for Microsoft Excel World Championship is financed by Microsoft, the main sponsor of the event. The prize fund is $10,000 and is divided as follows:
        AchievementAmount (In United States Dollars, USD)
        Microsoft Excel World Championship Winner$3,000.00
        Microsoft Excel World Championship Runner-Up $2,000.00
        Microsoft Excel World Championship Semi-Finalist$1,000.00 (x2)
        Microsoft Excel World Championship Quarter-Finalist$500.00 (x4)
        Microsoft Excel World Championship Last 16 Round Participants$125.00 (x8)
      • The organizers reserve the right to refuse the Prize Money payout if the Participant cannot confirm their identity by submitting photography of a valid government-issued ID document (only Prize Money recipients can be asked to confirm their identity).
      • The organizers will contact the prize money recipients using the email address provided upon purchasing the participation ticket. If the participant ignores the communication attempts for 6 months after the end of the competition, organizers reserve a right to refuse the Prize Money payout.
  13. Changes in the Rules
      • The Organizers have the right to change these Rules at their sole discretion.

Enter the Competition

After all, learning Excel should be fun

You'll see that in the Microsoft Excel
World Championship
A note: If you already have a ticket to FMWC Open 2022, you do not need to purchase this ticket.

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