CFM Case Bundle

CFM Bundle


This bundle includes some of the cases featured in previous FMWC stages. These cases are hand-picked, as the ones that partly cover the CFM body of knowledge and can help you prepare for the FMI Level 2: Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM) certification exam. Take note that this bundle covers some, but not all topics that can appear on the exam. Learn more about the CFM certification here.

NB! These cases have not been reviewed by FMI, and successful completion of them does not guarantee a successful result on the actual CFM exam administered by the FMI.

Cases included in the bundle:

  • All AFM Bundle Cases (Debt, Equity, Depreciation concepts revisited)
  • FMWC 888 Battle (June 8, 2021) “Cake to Bake” (Revenues)
  • Stage 2 (2020) “Back to the Basics” (NPV and IRR concepts)
  • Stage 3 (2020) “Diamonds Are Forever” (Data Management)
  • Stage 3 (2020) “Power-Up Builders” (Working Capital, Timing Flexibility, Depreciation, Debt)
  • Stage 4 (2020) “Keep Snoozing!” (Timing Flexibility, Debt)
  • Stage 1 (2021) “Stack a Unicorn” (Equity, Subsidiaries)
  • Stage 1 (2021) “Headcount Analysis” (Data Management)
  • Stage 2 (2021) “Storeland” (Revenues, Debt)
  • Stage 4 (2021) “Jet Hockey” (Data Management)
  • Stage 5 (2021) “Supplier Waterfall” (Operating Costs)
  • Stage 6 (2021) “Soccer Stats” (Data Management)
  • Stage 7 (2021) “Debt Waterfall” (Debt)
  • Stage 7 (2021) “Jack and Jill” (Data Management)