Battle 5

Excel Esports Battle 5 – May 25, 2023


This year, FMWC introduces another monthly competition in the Excel Esports format that will build up towards the Grand Finale in Las Vegas, NV, USA!

The purchase of this ticket will give you entry to participate in the Microsoft Excel World Championship 2023 Qualification Battle #5.

Everyone who uses Excel in their daily work or in school is invited to join, try their hand and compete to qualify for the Finals in Las Vegas, and win the grand prize.

Participants will receive access to the Battle task in their email between 4:30 PM and 4:40 PM and will have to submit their answers before 5:15 PM London time. However, no matter the starting time, each participant will have a 30min limit to complete everything.

Battle Results will be published right after the competition and will have 5 players (4 offline & 1 online) from each round qualifying for the main draw of the Microsoft Excel World Championship Finals! More information is available on the competition page.

Unlike the original FMWC competition, the Battles are not tied together and Excel Esports Battle rankings each round are completely independent of the other rounds.

Learn more about the event: