Power-Up Builders

Stage 3 (2020) “Power-Up Builders”


This is an actual case from the Financial Modeling World Cup 2020, Stage 3 (Nov 20-23) competition. It can be used to expand your knowledge of financial modeling and train for future FMWC Stages.

The downloadable file consists of the following:
Task: Excel file with given case assumptions and model template; PDF file with Case Materials; PDF file with Questions.
Solution: Excel file with the full Solution Model; PDF file with correct Answers in Bold.

This model awarded 450 points + 100 Extra points for the bonus question, while the whole 2h Stage allowed to earn 1,000 points in total.

For your questions/suggestions/consideration please reach out to the Organizing Committee of the Financial Modeling World Cup at info@fmworldcup.com