Soccer Stats

Stage 6 (2021) “Soccer Stats”


This is an actual case from the Financial Modeling World Cup 2021, Stage 6 (June 25-28) competition. This case is a typical data management case. The data this time is a collection of soccer match results. But don’t worry – even if you’ve never played soccer, you don’t have to know the rules or any specific things about soccer, this case is completely about data management.

The downloadable file consists of the following:
Task: PDF file with Case Materials; PDF file with Questions; Excel file with data for the financial model
Solution: Excel file with full Solution Model; PDF file with correct Answers in Bold

This model awarded 500 regular points + 100 Extra Points for the bonus questions, while the whole 2h Stage allowed to earn 1,150 points in total.

For your questions/suggestions/consideration please reach out to the Organizing Committee of the Financial Modeling World Cup at