FMWC format states that each stage is held from Friday 00:01 AM (UTC+0) till Monday 11:59 PM (UTC+0). These 4 days are split into 2 sessions – the first 2 days and the last 2 days. Participants who after the previous Stage are ranked Top 30 in the world, Top 5 in each age group or Top 5 in each region, will have to complete the Stage during the first 2 days (e.g., Jan 22-23 for January Stage). All other participants will have to complete the Stage during the last 2 days (e.g., Jan 24-25 for January Stage).

Here is the Session Split for the upcoming Stage (participants are listed in an alphabetical order):

Stage 8 (Aug 20-23)

Aug 20-21
Andrew Ngai
Anup Agarwal
Bob Mani
Bohdan Yakymchuk
Bruno Oliveira Silva
Cheong Ng
Christian Hueber
Daniel Moertl Pereira de Mello
David Drury
Diarmuid Early
Hayden Waller
James Humpish
Jānis Reinis Beikmanis
Jason Sindler
Jason Webber
Jeff Heng Siang Tan
Jelle Hettinga
John Lim
Jonathan Chui
Joseph Michael Palisoc
JP Delavin
Julius Böttcher
Justin Sterling
Karlis Vikis
Michael Jarman
Niel Du Plessis
Peter Rebecchi
Sameer Jagetia
Samir Asadov
Smith Jain
Stephane Ntonga
Stephanie Annerose
Stevenson Yu
Tiago Carvalho da Silva
Tiffany Anderson
Tim Roberts
Timothy Loy
Vadim Kalimeev
Victor Ogundele
Willem Gerritsen
Yohei Mikawa
Aug 22-23
All others (including new participants)